Stamps, postmarks and coins

The main items of the collection are stamps and postmarks used by post offices. The earliest pieces are the so-called postmaster postmark's, which were unique, homemade stamps used between 1750 and 1850. These postmarks indicated the particular place from where the letter was sent. Date stamps with number inlays, where the date was carved on small replaceable plates, are the rarest pieces of the collection. The larger part of the collection constitutes of cylindrical time-place stamps, which were used after the ’90s of the 19th century. Many hundreds of these stamps were moved to the Post Museum after the millennia, following the date changes. Another important group of the collection are the carved copper postmarks. The original purpose of rubber postmarks was marking documents and they were used by post offices, postal institutes, professional and civil organisations at the same time. The museum collects all medals and plaques published to commemorate different branches, developments, technical equipment and events of the post. Telephone coins (tantus), different emblems, badges and awards given to postal, telegraph and programme broadcasting workers are also part of the collection.

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