Uniforms, flags, arm-bands and other textiles

The collection of uniforms, flags, arm-bands and other textiles illustrate the periodically changing uniforms and clothes of postal workers, from caps to shoes. Most displayed pieces are full postal uniforms, partial uniforms or accessories, for example arm-bands. Our oldest and most carefully conserved item is a uniform from the first third of the 19th century, formerly worn by imperial postal boys. Most of the museum’s original items are from the period after World War II. The institute’s collection activity includes both original items and their reconstructions. Newer uniforms were collected from different postal organisations. The cotton horse blankets from the Postal Station that was closed in December 1958 are among the more unique pieces. Different letter bags used in various time periods by postal services are also displayed here. The embroidered silk flags of postal associations and civil societies excel with their beauty.

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