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The database collection of the Post Museum serves the needs of the museum’s collecting, researching, processing and tradition maintaining activities. The database is an integral part of the whole collection, which informs of the museum’s other collections, including the range of collected items, collection and cultural activities, along with the documents from professional and social centres. Apart from these, all important notes, biographies, memoirs from the collection, procession and research activities of the museum are systematically stored here. The different notes, writings, prints and documents of the museum’s history and the work conducted in the museum are gathered. Documents from the scientific and educational activities of the museum workers are also kept here, like manuscripts, studies, publications and lecture notes. The database is the data bank and memory storage of the museum. The archives contain documented papers on the events of postal history, important people, collection sources and collected items. The collected photographs, technical and supplementary equipment make the archives more practical to use.

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