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The Postal Museum is announcing a tender for young artists starting their careers!

What kind of relationship can generations Y and Z have with the post office and correspondence? Emails, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok have almost completely taken over the role of paper-based communication, but what will our future look like? Will there still be love letters, postcards from distant relatives, stamp collections from our grandparents? How will the memory of the young generation be restructured and changed? Sending emoticons and GIFs instead of postcards? Will we remember our loves by rewinding chat messages? Will we show our children archived Facebook and Instagram posts instead of old letters and albums? Are we forever forgetting what the return receipt means?


Postamuseum, which preserves the early memories of the history of correspondence and communications, announces a tender for young artists starting their careers: we are looking for the answer to the changes in communication from the point of view of generations Y and Z. What are the spiritual effects of Internet communication? Can we feel safe about our data? What does letter secrecy mean in the 21st century? How do you experience chats in your family, love and friendship relationships? Or are you rebels and still writing on paper? We invite free association regarding the topic, but we are also curious if you are simply interested in topics in your art such as messages, secrets, words, writing, or if you use the online space or social media as a component.


If the above-mentioned questions make you think, if you too have found love letters from your grandparents, if you too are worried about what our future will be like, grab paper, camera, brush, clay, and camera and put your thoughts into creation! Mail art? Post-internet art? An experimental film? Installation? Painting? Industrial art? A video game? The competition is open to all creative fields, applications are free regardless of medium. You can also apply with previously completed works that match the topic.


We organize a temporary exhibition of the incoming works in the Postal Museum.By participating in the tender, the applicant undertakes to ensure that the work is ready for exhibition, to deliver it to the Postal Museum in case of selection, and to transport it after the exhibition closes.


The condition of the application: 1Age between 8 and 35 years

Maximum size: 150x150x100 cm

Application deadline:September 15, 2022. Decision: until September 25.

Professional jury:Curator Don Tamás, visual artist Tayler Patrick

Remuneration:1st: HUF 200,000, 2nd: HUF 150,000 (gross amounts)

Form of submission:by e-mail apalyazat@postamuzeum.huto the address, in PDF format (name, address, contact information, art description, technique, size, special technical requirements) in a maximum size of 10 MB


For inspiration, you can look to the rich archive photo material of the Postal Museum:


We consider it an honor if the creator offers the award-winning works to the Postal Museum's collection, but this is not a condition for participating in the competition. In case of an offer, the remuneration is tax-free.

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